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This Silk contains data about billionaires, where they live, how much money they have, what industry they are in, and how old they are.

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What to buy with your billion:

You could start off with 33 Mercedes's like this one from 1954, auctioned for $30 Million in 2013:

Or you can have exactly one thousand of Hublot's "One Million" watches:

Unfortunately, your billion dollar will not get you close to the world's most expensive home. You will have to double that to build a home like the Antilia residence complex in Mumbai, India:

But, while you're living in India, you will find you couldn't score better on The Economist's Big Mac Index. You're able to get 600 Million (chicken) burgers:

Billionaires, an introduction

There are over 1600 billionaires in the world - thats billion with a B. Their combined net worth dwarfs the economies of all the world's countries, save the United States and China (incidentally the two countries that also house the most billionaires)!

Click here for the complete Forbes Billionaires list. Keep reading to find out more about the world's top 0.00002%! Lets start with the elite among the elite.

Top 10 billionaires: 

In total there are 69 countries with billionaires, but more than half of all billionaires live in one of 4 countries: the US, China, Russia of Germany. A distribution per country shows that almost a third of all billionaires, about 500, live in the United States; China is a distant second, home to 152 billionaires. 

In what industries are these people active? Where did they make their money? It turns out that the oil and business sectors only produce a handful of billionaires. Real money apparently is in the fashion and retail industry; in investments; and in real estate.  

How about age? How unusual is it to meet a very young or very old billionaire? 

First a list of billionaires under 40 and a distribution per country. There are only 39 billionaires under 40, which makes up less than a quarter of 1%. 

Again, we see more or less the same distribution per country, with an even larger proportion of young US billionaires.

Filtering for billionaires 85 years or older still gets you a list of over 100 persons. This means there are three times more geriatric billionaires than young ones, although they still only make up a little over a half percent.